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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3, episode 2

Posted in Tv Series Blog by jmac90 on February 24, 2010

Episode 2- The Gang Gets Invisible

As I expected, the episode opens in the bar with the crew arguing. Charlie, who is becoming my favorite character, screams on top of his lungs and then calmly states, “ why are we arguing? This isn’t like us.” I believe that to be a false statement because I have only seen two episodes so far and “arguing” is a frequent ordeal with these guys. Charlie then offers his insight by convincing the crew to go do something different. This is where a hilarious cut-scene takes place where it seems as if only the surrounding environment has changed because they remain in the same positions still drinking beer but they are not “so differently” located in a park. I found that funny. This is where they encounter their main objective/plot for the episode when they run into a guy thats trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles. Dennis and Mac decide to try out and are baffled when they find out that Deandra is insisting to try out as well. I cracked up when Mac slowly squeaked and stuttered, “but your, your, your a women.” Then Mac and Dennis begin stating other “sports” that are accustomed to women like cooking, complaining, and cleaning; which I thought was rudely funny. So far I noticed that the show does a good job incorporating common culture like the Philadelphia Eagles, who were champions at the time, and making reference to the 1969 Woodstock Festival. I laughed out loud when Frank decided to take acid by himself and said, “well I’m gonna trip balls.” I found that statement funny because I believe the term “tripping balls” is fairly new and it seemed out of place for a man of his age to express himself in such a way. I noticed a moment of foreshadowing when Mac and Dennis were on the bus and got into an argument with Doyle McPoyle, whose name is completely hilarious. I sensed this foreshadowing that we would see him again and we actually end up seeing his whole family, so I guess his occurrence was implied to be an obvious one. At the end of their argument, I noticed that Mac and Dennis quickly commented on McDoyles physical appearance;his unibrow, acne, and eczema. This happened directly after the conversation ended; a common social construct that I have seen people, including myself, exercise after an encounter with an odd individual. A great part of the episode is when a fake Donovan McNabb shows up to the tryouts and starts to promote McDonalds. This emulates how advertisement seemingly pops up out of nowhere containing unnecessary bullshit. A reference is then made about The Cosby Show and how they think the fake McNabb looks like Alvin, which only adds on to the pop culture essence of this show. This show is good at stereotyping. One example is the black football coach who is fat and is constantly yelling, which is something I have experienced during my life. My favorite part of the episode is Franks scene in the bathroom tripping on acid. I couldn’t stop laughing and actually rewinded it a few times. The way he was acting was on point and accurate. Not that I know how it feels to be on some psychedelic drug in an inclosed space… Moments later, Charlie begins tripping and talking in his head but then notices that he is saying his thoughts out-loud. He embarrass himself by revealing his thoughts to McPoyle, saying that his head is big and his skin is too tight. This reminded me of a a scene in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when Raoul Duke is rambling to himself and bursts out by saying “Jesus did I say that? Or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me?”

I am also glad to say that I now no where “green man” is from.

My favorite line in the episode is when Frank anxiously says, “Into the toilet I go” after hallucinating a women telling him to hop in there.

The last scene is by far the funniest moment on this series that I have seen yet. Frank is still hallucinating and thinks Charlie is a lizard, Charlie is still green man, Deandra broke her foot, and Dennis and Mac are exhausted. The episode finally ends when frank accidentally shoots McPoyle in the leg.

-I rate this episode a 3 because I found it funny but not as entertaining or intriguing as the first episode.

-I viewed this episode on Feb.24th at 2:15 AM by myself at home.


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  1. TA Andrea said,

    I think we all do that, what did we just see, “odd” person social construct. It is just in our nature to judge; its only goes immoral when we act upon appearances and don’t find out about the person within. Your definitely have a point about the popping up of advertisements. Companies want their products to be seen whenever, wherever, and in the hands of whomever. Just like during the baseball games and the players drink Gatorade with the label towards the camera. “It’s Always Sunny” is great for pointing out those oddities in our society.

    • jmac90 said,

      I agree that it is in our human nature to judge and that we shouldn’t act upon a person’s physical appearance, but we cannot deny the fact that everyone does it and I think that that’s what they are trying to portray here. You’re right, the situation does go immoral when one doesn’t find the person within. But considering that our morals and values are of human creation, would I be justified to say that it truly doesn’t matter in the end? I consider myself a very kind person and I love helping others, but is it truly wrong for me to judge someone by their cover? I wouldn’t say its wrong, but it’s definitely not nice. 🙂

      • TA Andrea said,

        We all do it. Most of us wouldn’t want to admit it. but, if you think about it relationships are based on that first impression. That is what usually attracts a person to another (at first at least) and once that attraction hits then the building of the relationship occurs. Also to answer your question of whether it matters in the end. I would have to say your right. Our first impressions will always stay with us, no matter what we eventually find out about that person. Judging someone by their cover is not wrong, its human nature.

      • jmac90 said,

        Great response. I definitely agree that it’s human nature. You’re right, relationships are usually based on this first impression of appearance. I try my best to veer away from this shallow state but it always comes full circle in the end.

  2. Suzy said,

    Reading your refernces to the funny parts makes me wonder how much i would be laughing histerical alone. WHen u said Charlie was talking to himself while being drugged up i could relate to talking to myslef even though i don’t take drugs.

    • jmac90 said,

      The show is absolutely hilarious and you should definitely check it out. Oh you don’t take drugs huh? That’s not what I heard.

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