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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3, episode 3

Posted in Tv Series Blog by jmac90 on February 24, 2010

Episode 3-Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead

Now I see their colors. This episode marks a milestone because I felt like I got to know each character on a more precise level. In the opening scene, we see that Frank is celebrating his x-wife’s death who I now understand to be Dennis’ and Deandra’s mother. This also exposed me to the fact that Frank is their father, only to be destroyed by the “will scene”. The “will scene” presented me with a humorous encounter that families have to go through after a loved one has passed. In this scene, Frank and Deandra find out that she has left nothing for them except the mansion specifically for Dennis. It is now known that Bruce, the real father to Dennis and Deandra will inherit all of the money. This is when Deandra and Frank’s true colors come out. They become greedy slime-balls who will do anything to get the money. They end up having Bruce marry them so that he can see them as an established couple and give them money to support their now adopted children that Bruce himself gave them. After he weds them he reveals to them that he knew all along and wanted to push them to their limits but they apparently have none! I was dying of laughter from Bruce’s surprise.

We also get to see Charlie, Dennis, and Mac in their natural states. They now have a mansion to hangout at but then realize that they lack a fair amount of friends, so they start a hunt. They create these flyers in the shape of biceps to give out to guys to lure them into their “non-sexual” party, only to find out that the flyers look like penises; if biceps weren’t gay enough.

I appreciated the Jackass reference because it use to be my favorite show.

Stephen Collins,the dad from seventh heaven played the character of Bruce and did a wonderful job. At first I had a slight prediction that Bruce knew that Frank was Deandra’s father, but after he supported them with adopted children, it simply slipped my mind and I’m happy that it did.

I actually didn’t like how the “mansion” plot ended up. I figured the guys would have a big party and some other intense comical situation would occur, but that ceased to happen. They only had two visitors in which they tied up and tortured. It was a little disappointing to see a dull configuration like that.

Overall the character’s have lived up to wikipedia’s definition of them, “They are dishonest, selfish, egotistical, and antagonistic, and are often embroiled in controversial issues.”

I rate this show a 2.5  because I thought some of the scenes were boring, irrelevant, and/or cliché.

-I watched this episode at home on Feb.24th at 4 AM by myself wondering why I screwed up the due date on my calendar.


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  1. TA Andrea said,

    Make sure you keep an eye on your due dates! 4am is way to late for me to even think about school work. It was nice to see that your blogs are not to rushed and that you took the time to post pictures.

    • jmac90 said,

      Sorry about that. Yes ma’m!

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