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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3, episode 4

Posted in Tv Series Blog by jmac90 on February 24, 2010

Episode 4- The Gang Gets Held Hostage

Great episode. This plot draws its influence from corny hostage/action movies and the situations that coincide with them. The episode begins with Frank in the vents of the bar looking for his will that Charlie hid. This is the first instance that shows a sense of a chronological story-line because Frank mentions that Dennis and Deandra are entitled to lose a lot of money because they are not his kids. Another instance that has become canon for this show is the reoccurrence of the McPoyles. The McPoyles proceeded in taking the crew hostage while Frank is stuck in the vents.

I started paying more attention to the acting this time around. Danny DeVito has been doing a phenomenal job with Frank and I can see how he smoothly connects to his character by his improvisation. This show has a lot of improvisation and I respect and love that angle. I praise all of their acting skills except for Kaitlin Olsen, who portrays the character of Deandra. I enjoy Deandra as a character because she is really random and funny but I cant seem to get around Kaitlin’s acting skills. I noticed a few parts where Kaitlin seemed pressured and blurted out her lines with minimal emotion or feeling.

A great aspect of this episode is the mock drama that was performed. The plot had the characters frantic and turning on each-other on a dime, kind of like some cheap hollywood movies that lack decent plots, or redundant soap operas that seem to repeat some basic form of drama. Slow motion sequences were used, as well as long laughs between opposing forces. At the end of the episode when Frank, for the second time, decides to shoot at the McPoyle’s, he screams “Yippe Kiyay Mother Fucker!” This is a reference to Bruce Willis’ character John McClain in the Die Hard movies.

My favorite part is when Dennis tries seducing Margaret, an ugly McPoyle sibling, and succeeds. He compliments her unibrow by describing it as dark, thick, and so connected.

My favorite part of the episode is Charlie’s prank on Mac. Charlie insists that the map in which Mac is holding, a diagram to show where the will was hidden, is a decoy and that the real map is tattooed in his butt. So Charlie pulls his pants down and while Mac proceeds to look in his butt, Charlie lets a fart rip in his face. I knew this was coming from a mile away but I still found it highly entertaining. This is a typical show that I could watch and enjoy, because it reminds me of home-movies that I have made in the past.

I give this a rating of 4 because of its creativity and random humor. The creators did a wonderful job exploiting this specific genre of film.

-I viewed this episode at 5:28 AM on Feb.24th, alone on my couch.


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  1. Suzy said,

    Did you enjoy the mock plots? Was there really a map tattoed on Charlie’s behind? When Charlie farted in Mac’s face you must have been laughing or felt disgusted as i would be.

  2. jmac90 said,

    Ya the mockery was hilarious. No there was not a tattoo on Charlie’s behind, but I believe he would have farted in Mac’s face anyway; it’s in Charlie’s nature. Unfortunately, I have experienced this prank first hand as well as performed it a few times. Except that I really have a map tattooed there.

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