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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3, episode 5

Posted in Tv Series Blog by jmac90 on February 24, 2010

Episode 5- The Aluminum Monster Vs. Fatty Magoo

Charlie and Deandra are rummaging through a clothing store when Deandra runs into and old high school friend. Deandra become jealous of Ingred because she now own this clothing store and Deandra herself did not live up to her aspirations. It is revealed to us that both of them were “losers” during their high school days with nicknamed as the aluminum monster and fatty magoo. Deandra intends to bring fatty magoo down.

A big part of this episode has to do with manipulation. For example, when Mac is spray painting toxic paint to make Frank’s chair look like it was dipped in gold he foolishly asks, “Why am I doing this for you?”. While Frank replies, “Because I am manipulating you.” Mac then becomes intrigued by this new force of manipulation and learns from Frank that you need rant,rave, and yell at people in order to get what you want. Frank shows Mac how to show people who is boss so they can “find their place”. Mac even starts dressing like Frank and repeating word for word what he yells. Mac then learns that he can easily manipulate people into working and jokes around with Charlie’s weak mind by treating him like a dog.

Dennis comes up with the idea to sell Ingred dresses so they can sabotage her business and bring her down. With the Help of Mac and Frank’s manipulation, they develop a sweatshop in which Deandra, Charlie, and middle-aged European work harsh long hours in.At one point there is a speaker blasting out Nazi directions to the workers. This reminded me of the Der Fuhrer’s Face video due to its similar conditions. Mac even installed a steam horn as an attention function and blew it before speaking with the workers.

As I stated in an earlier blog, stereotyping has become a common yet hilarious tradition of this series. Charlie describes the European worker’s as “smelling like sausage”. This is a European stereotype because from what I know, their domestic dishes incorporate a vast amount of sausage. Deandra later bribes them to leave the sweatshop by saying she will give them knockwurst.

My favorite line in the episode is when Mac is explaining the standard working agenda to Deandra and she replies by completely disregarding his instructions and stating that his breathe smells like an old lady fart passing through an onion. That part cracked me up because it was delivered with a serious attitude and really caught me off guard.

I give this episode a rating of 4 because it entertained me to the point where I was laughing every four minutes.

I watched this episode at 6:24 AM Feb. 24th at home and now I am going to sleep.

-I am finally finished after 7 hours of watching and blogging. I intend to go to sleep for 3 hours before waking up for Mass Media class.


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  1. TA Andrea said,

    Your blogs were entertaining to read and well written. You did incorporate some of Dunphy’s questions, but I would suggest going more into what the messages/meanings/etc. that are in these episodes a.k.a the purpose of these episodes besides to create a laugh. Overall, great job and I look forward to reading your next postings.

    • jmac90 said,

      Yes, I agree that I should now start focusing more on the meanings and messages of the episodes. Thank you very much for your responses, I am happy that you enjoyed reading them.

  2. Suzy said,

    This show seems interesting and entertaining. Especially with all the scheming thats starting to take place. I can relate to your last picture, for sure.

    • jmac90 said,

      Ya the show is very comical. It reminds me of t.v. series that I would make. Yes, I am sure you can relate to my condition in that last pic haha. Have you ever seen any episode?

  3. Professor Dunphy said,

    You get no sympathy from me! 7 hours of watching TV and discussing it! Wow, so difficult! 🙂

    I enjoyed your blogs and you took Andrea’s suggestions to heart, which was good. I wish you would have answered more questions from the sheet.

    Your grade will be posted soon.

    Prof. D

    • jmac90 said,

      Ha-ha, not so difficult; rather time consuming though. The average person watches approximately 4 hours of TV a day. 7 hours is pushing it! I’m just kidding. It was a wonderful assignment. I should have started these postings earlier in the day though.

      I am very happy that you enjoyed reading my blogs.

      I am a frequent writer but not so much the ‘blogger” type, so I thank you for helping me venture into this new realm.

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