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Ward Churchill…Justified?

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on February 24, 2010


1. Should U of Colorado have launched an investigation? Absolutely not! This man has obviously done thorough research by digging deep into U.S. foreign policy and how it has affected our nation. An investigation for what? A man speaking his mind by absorbing research and spitting it out its truths? The court used falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism as an excuse to fire him. An investigation should have never been launched. The guy is clearly not a terrorist, he is an activist.

2. Should a professor, a public intellectual, who knows history and does research be allowed to speak on a subject like this? Is dissent like this protected? Of course he should be allowed to speak on a subject like this, it’s his constitutional right! The subject of 9/11 has and will always be a controversial topic ,in which unorthodox opinions will be frowned upon or in this case prosecuted. His research and input is essential to the revival of the American brain, which has been foolishly washed by our government or possibly a higher a power. Dissent like this is supposed to be protected by the right to free speech, but I guess they  made an exception this time.

3. Would you have fired Ward Churchill? No I would not have fired Ward Churchill because he did not perform any criminal acts. Even if I was in his opposers’ position and disagreed with his views, I still would not have fired him. He is not a criminal, he is a hero!

4. Should conservative students have their values protected as David Horowitz wants? In essence, should a professor have to teach BOTH sides of an issue? Or should it be their prerogative to teach what they believe is “true” or “most accurate”? Professors should be able to teach what they want. I do agree that both sides of any issue should be accounted for, but if a professor has a strong opinion about one subject, let him/her exercise their right. Just because conservative students are exposed to truth does not mean that they are required to agree with what is being said. Textbook knowledge can only go so far, we need professors to tell us what they think and what they feel strong about so that students can acquire different views and establish their own. I don’t want to be a robot.

Where do we go from here? An intelligent professor gets fired for utilizing the first amendment.<- ya, that’s a small “A” because it apparently means nothing these days.  I most definitely agree with Churchill’s proposal that 9/11 was provoked by U.S. foreign policy, but I tend to believe it’s much more than just that(ahem, conspiracies anyone?). We are merely creatures that acquire knowledge by the means of  people or organizations that  feed it to us. It should be our job as human beings to protect these few brave individuals that care about truth and vouch to shed it to the public. We need more professors like Mr. Churchill to instill fear into the establishment and let them know that their mind control days are over!


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