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Almontaser: Friend or Foe?

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on March 3, 2010

1. Should a newspaper be this partisan? Are they being partisan or reporting the truth here? Should a newspaper/reporter have as much influence against a person, organization? No, newspapers should not be this partisan because the innocent people who read the information that they project may be mislead by false or biased information. This is a very serious problem because newspapers essentially cannot be subjective due to their function and responsibility in supplying us with “truth” rather than opinion. They established a form of authority over it’s readers by leading them into a flawed conception of the world and it’s events through their consistent deceptive coverage. In Almontaser’s situation, they are most definitely being partisan because of this women’s race. The truth is being construed by their decision to mislead reader’s by quoting Almontaster incompletely, therefore establishing a false identity of this women. I believe that a newspaper should not have this much influence against a person or organization because they are not qualified to do so. Unfortunately, the news is trusted enough to stir up a situation like this into a realm where the news controls everyone’s feeling towards the predicament. It is not a direct influence that they have achieved, it is merely a fabricated trust given to them by us.

2. Similar to Churchill last week, yet different, is it possible to ever give a nuanced answer to 9/11? Can you ever say anything negative about the US when it comes to it? Yes it is possible to give a nuanced answer about 9/11, except when your thoughts and opinions are being publicized. We might as well throw the right to free speech out the window because it’s value is slowly diminishing. Negative views towards the U.S. will always be frowned upon, and when these very views are regarded towards 9/11; you can bet that somebody will try to raise hell especially if you are an arab women.

3. Should someone who is a few degrees away from any organization that is negative or has a negative image be fired? No they shouldn’t be fired because it is simply their opinions. The organization did not produce any threats nor have they acted violently or rebellious. Almontaser thoroughly explained the true meaning behind the t-shirt and revealed that it was a harmless form of expression.

4. Who do you believe in this story? The Post or Almontaser? I tend to believe Almontaser’s story because she does not seem like a rebellious or dangerous women and has evidence against the newspaper who created this evil depiction of her. In the past, I have seen how newspapers generate   fictitious stories by taking people’s words out of context and this is a perfect example of it in action. But are the newspapers and journalists to blame? I don’t think so. I blame the government or any higher power that controls the media to the extent that American people are forced to believe the frivolous information given to them.


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