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Fear and Loathing in Lizard Land

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on March 3, 2010

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, what else is there to say? I truly enjoyed reading this excerpt because Fear and Loathing is one of my favorite books as well as one of my top favorite movies. It is essentially about the chase towards the “American Dream”. Hunter S. Thompson does a wonderful job by including himself, or a version of himself, in his journalism. This form of journalism, labeled as Gonzo, intrigues readers by supplying them with an unorthodox and outrageous style of reporting. Innovative to say the least, Fear and Loathing’s hunt is directed towards American individuals and their disgusting and animalistic qualities represented by their greed for money and lack of individualism. Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo serve as the explorers who go on a drug induced rampage through Vegas  and discover that the American Dream is actual displeasing. The Lizards seem to emulate these characteristics by gnawing on each other’s necks and producing a blood filled room which seems to frighten Raoul as he hallucinates this. They are the scum of America, living in a casino that can only offer them short pleasures and bankruptcy. They survive on an altered basic instinct of survival like reptiles do, except these reptilian figures are thriving for greed and drugs rather than food and protection. They feed off each other and Raoul describes them as being comfortable in this horrific environment. The fact that Raoul states that “somebody is giving booze to these animals” reassures that this place is designed to be chaotic. Whether it’s chaos, or 60’s culture, Hunter S. Thompson does a magnificent job in displaying his outlook on life and all of it’s vices while creating an adventurous yet meaningful story line. FEED YOUR HEAD!


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  1. Suzy said,

    Yes, i agree with you on this and i like the picture you used, though its real ugly. Lol. Thompson really had a big imagination.

    • jmac90 said,

      Lol thats actually what I look like after a few brews myself, ahem. Thomson was a genious. Have you seen the movie?

  2. jmac90 said,


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