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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S3,Ep.8

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on March 24, 2010

Episode 8- Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire

Well, I have to say that this was the best episode of this show that I have seen. Besides how humorous each situation was, the main theme of this episode was extremely relevant to our class because it was focused on the media. The first scene starts with Frank asking Dennis why he is reading “In Touch” magazine. He then replies by saying that no one gets their news from the newspaper anymore. This is a perfect example of separate estates and the trust that the public gives to certain sectors of it. I agree that most people don’t get their news from the paper, but I also disagree that most get it from magazines. I believe that most people, including myself, discover their news through the internet.One of the headlines explains how Plutonium has been smuggled into Syria. This headline is a reflection on our society because we have irrelevant articles like this one to distract us from the real problems.

I laughed for about 8 seconds when Charlie bursts into the room screaming “Shut up, shut up, shut up” and directing everyone to Mac’s news appearance which ended up being an edited 2 second shot of him shouting, “it was absolutely crazy”, in reference to the news story. Mac then feels cheated by the newsman for not using his entire interview just to make his boss happy and decides to become a journalist himself. Charlie then explains how their news class in junior high did not distort reality like this man has done before their eyes.

Frank acts as the corrupted newsman who will do anything to get a story even if it includes him creating a dangerous scenario. This is similar to the film Ace in the Hole in that Frank starts a fire in a building so that Deandra can save the burning cats, the same way Tatem kept an innocent man stuck in a cave. Frank also has outlandish ideas about going to a power-plant and reporting how it is giving the whole city cancer, which it probably is… Dennis makes a remark about this statement and explains how people do not care about that “shit”. They want here about celebrities and glamour to help them forget about their own miserable lives, which I believe to be a pretty valid conclusion. Deandra then stereo-types celebrities as rich people, who have an easy job, and can do whatever they want. This sets her plot in this episode to strive for stardom. She explains how you don;t have to do anything these days to be famous and gives Paris Hilton as an example. She explains how Ms. Hilton has become famous by being a dirty drunken whore that exposes herself through sex-tapes, nip slips, and up-skirts.

Mac does a great impersonation as a newsman as they decide to report in a nursing home which he says encompasses “a lot of shady shit, like jail”. Frank then asks, “like people getting ass-raped”? I found this clever statement to be very humorous. Mac did an uncanny impersonation of a bug-eyed nervous newsman who talks like a robot while reporting useless nonsense. He exposes their fake qualities including their amazing ability to intensely stare at the camera for long periods of time without blinking.

Stereotypes: Asians-always drifting through the streets, flying from tree top to tree top, looking like Raiden (from Mortal Kombat), trading fishes, karate, playing Wii, and having Avian Flu.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5 because of it’s brilliance and non-stop excitement. I also enjoyed when Dennis goes to the club and takes ecstasy which is followed by a hilarious dancing montage. This episode exaggerates the focus of journalism and how media portrays celebrities.

I watched this episode with my friend at my house at 10:32 p.m.


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  1. Professor Dunphy said,

    I like how you discuss journalism and how the media portrays celebrities. I loved this episode — great bit of satire if you ask me.

    Did you time your laugh? 8 seconds, huh? 🙂

    Good job.

    I see from the notes, you had one last post.

    My advice — do some extra credits so the lateness doesn’t hurt you.

    Prof. D

  2. jmac90 said,

    Yes, a wonderful episode indeed which encompasses a great satirical nature.

    And the laugh was exactly 8.7213 seconds long to be precise of course. 🙂

    I will do the maximum amount of extra credit assignments so that I can redeem myself, due to my lateness. I wish I had more time though! I write best when I’m under pressure but sometimes my procrastination bleeds into the next day. I am very sorry about that. Sometimes lateness is the key in creating worthy material.

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