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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S3,Ep.9

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on March 24, 2010

Episode 9- Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person

The main idea of this episode focuses around Deandrea’s new boyfriend and if he is retarded or not. The first scene starts off with the crew talking about Dee’s new rapper boyfriend called Lil Kev. Frank then exposes a stupid tradition that contemporary rappers utilize; and that’s the usage of “lil” in their name. He ask why? Is Lil Kev a small guy? Is he possibly a midget?. Mac then explains to Frank that its “just a rapper thing”.

We then see Lil Kev make his ghetto entrance as a white rapper who slurs his words, like a retarded person does. Is this an effort to say that rapper’s such as 50 Cent who slur their words are retarded? Hmmm… Dennis then reveals to Deandra that he went to school with Kevin and he actually is retarded. It is funny to see how Frank uses the word retarded as if it was in quotation marks while almost whispering it. This is related to this “retarded” new convention that the word retard should never be used.

This idea that a retard can be successful in the music industry, which is mean enough to say, influences Charlie and Mac to start a band. They explain how they don’t want Dennis in their band because he is into that 80’s glam rock stuff and it’s not where their “artistic direction” is heading. I found this statement to be funny because most rock bands who end up breaking up usually say it’s because of different artistic direction, such as one of the reasons the band Pink Floyd broke up; but it is merely an excuse rather than an ultimate reason. Anyway… Mac insists that it’s okay that they can’t play instruments because nowadays all you have to do is rock and look cool to be successful; which is unfortunately true about rock music these days. I was hysterical when Frank was almost  escorted out of the music store because of his insane banging on the drums. Mac explains that if they live like rock-stars by getting drunk and breaking stuff, the music will naturally come. So they decide to crash a hotel under Frank’s credit court which I thought to be a little cliché but still pretty funny.

Dennis and Deandra then have a contest to see if Kevin is retarded or not. They go over issues that concern retard strength, drooling, and “specialness” noted by his mother.  Deandra then starts observing Kevin more closely and notices some astounding correlations; he childishly laughs at cartoons, he slurs his words, he wears his shirt backwards, he makes weird hand gestures, and stuffs food into his mouth. She then decides to break up with him because she has concluded that he is retarded like Dennis said. Lastly, she reveals the news to Dennis only to be surprised that he was lying the whole time and that he made up that Kevin was retarded. She then burst out of the room in complete misery while Dennis explains that Kevin actually is retarded.

I think the message that is trying to be conveyed here is that anyone who strives for anything can accomplish it if they try hard enough. Corny, but true; and thoroughly exemplified throughout this episode.

I give this episode a 3.5 because it was not consistent with its humor. Some parts were extremely hilarious while other parts were slightly boring. I really enjoyed the music references because music is my number one passion.

I watched this episode on my couch at 11:02 p.m.


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