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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3, ep.7

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on March 24, 2010

Episode 7- The Gang Sells Out

This episode deals with the idea of big corporations buying out small business. We see this all the time in our lives with the spawning of countless Walmarts and their destruction of small businesses surrounding them and ones that they simply bought out.

First scene shows the crew in a corporate office acting as if their bar is extremely precious to them and nothing can take it away or buy their hearts. After arguing with the boss about how big business swallow the small guys, an offer is put on the table. Dennis sees the amount of money offered and automatically switches his attitude and says, “SOLD!” This instance is a direct depiction of our nature as greedy humans that have short emotionally attachment towards things which is subsumed by money. It was hilarious to see how Frank initially reacted the same way Dennis did by denying that he would ever sell the bar for any amount of money, but after seeing the actual offer he immediately says that he is going to sell this shithole.

Of course, stereotypes were not left out. Mac states that there is always some big boss man fat cat that needs to escape by helicopter on top of the roof. Another stereotype is about gay people, after they find out that the corporate boss is a homosexual and try brining him back by bringing him to strip club after they ruined the initial deal with him. Dennis explains that there are gay bears and gay twinks and that the boss man is classified as a bear because he is strong and aggressive. Another stereotype is made by Deandra when she refers to retired people who leave to an island and get fat and tan.

There were two situations in this episode that I have personally encountered. One is when Deandra tries to find a new job and drops her application off to the worker as he explains that it will be tossed into a pile with the others without even making eye contact. This has happened to me in the past in which an employer has not even acknowledged that I am standing right in front of him. Another situation that I have encountered is how friends tend to take advantage of you when you are in charge. This is shown when Cheryl hires the crew and they decide to do whatever they want and act as if they are superior to her. I have experienced this because I was a manager at one point and had friends of mine that worked for me who tried to act as if they were on the same level, but  I had to let them know who was boss sooner or later! Actually I didn’t care, and let them do what they want because I am a nice guy.

I give this episode a 3 because it was satisfying but not wonderful. Considering that I have seen plenty of hilarious episodes that are exciting all the way through, It bothers me to see some that lack creativity and are a tad boring. My favorite line is when Frank says to Mac, “ Not for you bitch”, in reference to his leather jacket.

I watched this episode with my friend at 9:45 p.m. eating pizza.


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  1. TA Andrea said,

    I for one hate big corporations. I go to small family own businesses any chance I get.

  2. jmac90 said,

    I hate them too. They become something more than a business when they take advantage of their rights (as an individual of course). It’s disgusting.

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