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Political Cartoon 2

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on May 5, 2010

-Nick Anderson(middle)

This cartoon must be controversial, because anything that goes against the Catholic Church is. If I had it my way, I would post this cartoon on the doors of every single church in this world. Anyway, this cartoon is divided into two parts. The first picture shows us a father his son proposing an idea to a priest. The father calmly states that “Priests should be allowed to marry and have kids”, and the priest gingerly responds “Why?”. We already know where this one is going. The second picture presents us with bold letters with a red background as the father screams and holds up a newspaper shouting, “Because then you might be able to understand our anger!” The newspapers headline, “Pedophile Scandal” shocks the priest as his eyes burst out of his head. I assume that the father’s son has fell victim to the disgusting old man mainly because of his silent and unchanging presence in the cartoon.

I am not offended by this cartoon at all. I am actually thankful that art/propaganda like this exists. This cartoon discusses the abstinent nature of a priest and how it is a catalyst towards a priest’s disturbing actions. The artist was efficient and right for depicting the cartoon this way. Although, I still wish that we could have seen a verbal reaction from the priest rather than a silent one. The cartoon also covers how priests do not understand the hardship that the catholic church has produced. Besides their fairy tale lies that they spew to the public via brainwashing, they have to parade around raping little boys too? This father is clearly mad and that’s how it relates to the public’s common mindset.


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