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Political Cartoon 3

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on May 5, 2010

-Nick Anderson(middle)

This cartoon is interesting because it tackles idea of homosexuality in the military and the effect it can have on a soldier. “Don’t ask Don’t Tell” insists that a gay man in the military has to either lie or keep his mouth closed about his sexual preference. The picture illustrates and army general-like figure talking to one of his soldiers, while the armed “gay” soldier is literally enclosed in a closet. This exaggeration insists that a soldier probably feels isolated and blind when he cannot express his true self. The general states, “Maybe he could fight better if we let him out.” This statement demolishes the idea of “don’t as don’t tell” by revealing that a soldier would be more efficient and feel more comfortable if he was free from the closet that they forced onto him.

I do not support homosexuality nor do I oppose, but the situation still frustrates me. A person should be equal, especially in the military, to exercise their rights as an individual. The cartoon did not offend me in any way, shape, or form; rather it reinforced my understanding of how this country works. Anderson was spot on with his portrayal and I truly appreciate his work.


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