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Political Cartoon 5

Posted in Uncategorized by jmac90 on May 5, 2010

-Nick Anderson(middle)

This cartoon is a perfect example of a well thought political statement. Texas has the highest rate of executions and this cartoon helps us understand why. Anderson presents us with a family of tourists staring at a welcome to Texas sign that states that it is the execution capital of America. Proud of its murderous heritage, the sign asks people to not ask if any of the convicted felons were innocent. This statement is in parenthesis because Texas citizens have been wrongfully executed due to flaws within the Judicial system.

This cartoon discusses a variety of problems. Should people be executed at all? Why does Texas have the most amount of them? Should people be exposed to this phenomena? Are Texans proud of their execution status? Execution is a gruesome and tragic way of ending a life, but if that very life has been successfully proven guilty of an intense crime; then I say go for it. I do see this as a problem though, Texas couldn’t possibly executed more people for the right reasons; or maybe they could. I think the defining predicament lays within the Judicial system and how it operates. If people are being put to death for crimes that they have not done, then there is a serious problem within our courts. This cartoon did not offend me at all. Anderson is merely presenting us with a fact about Texas and how innocent people are being executed in this wonderful country. He is completely right for depicting the image this way and I really like how he incorporated the most symbolic execution device of all, the cross.


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